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English 401-Advanced Composition

Creative Writing

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One-Act Play

Short Story

I hope you enjoy the creativity I put forth in the following poems, play, and short story.



I contemplated the sorrow, grief and strife that

     causes so much pain.

And I looked at the diseases, accidents, and afflictions

     that affects the masses.

Everywhere I looked there was destruction and despair

     in my mind’s eye.

And then one sunny day I was strolling on the shores of

     the Atlantic Ocean

And I saw the sun as it dipped on the horizon in a clear blue sky with

     the water rushing up to the sand and felt the light breeze that carried a





On cold nights

the wintry winds

blow the soft, white

puffs of cotton

that drifts from

the coal black sky.


The days

bring snowmen

snowball fights

snow angels

and sledding






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Room to Breathe

His salt and pepper hair,

The short, flat-top cut,

The brown and gray mustache,

With the five o’clock shadow.


Lifeless, dark gray eyes,

With pupils black, big and round,

Bloodshot from the ghastly drugs,

That pumped through his veins.


Strong arms that once held me,

With tender love and care,

Now push and strike my broken body,

Like a hammer that pounds a nail.


Flames of hatred,

Burned hot, and bright, and strong,

So I felt nothing the day you left,

Except relief, and room to breathe.