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English 401-Advanced Composition

Learning as a Social Process
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Running Head:  Social Process








Learning as a Social Process

                                      by  Veronica M. Johnson


         Educational Psychology

             Dr. Brian Boehman

   Western Kentucky University

                                                  Spring 2008










Veronica M. Johnson

Dr. Brian Boehman

Educational Psychology 310

23 April 2008




“Of the many cues that influence behavior, at any point in time, none is more common


than the action of others.” –Albert Bandura, 1986



As students, we have probably all heard the phrase, “All students are capable of learning; however, every student learns in his or her own unique way.”  This statement is true from beginning to end because every student does learn in a unique way.  It is empirical for teachers to implement different methods of instruction while in the classroom in an effort to meet the special, or diverse, needs of each individual student.  However, in spite of the many student diversities found