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English 401-Advanced Composition

Graphic Organizer
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Graphic Organizer for KY Teacher Standards 

Graphic Organizer


Performance Criteria

Evidence from Observation

Standard I

Designs/Plans Instruction


Mrs. Hargett-Slack does not follow the language book chapter by chapter, but instead she takes them in the order that is most beneficial to her classes.  She not only uses exercises in the book, but also keeps the class engaged by using worksheets that accompany the book, and has implemented her own exercises that are kept in the students’ binders as examples and for review.

Standard II Creates/Maintains Learning Climates



Hargett-Slack has a very interactive classroom.  There are posters on the wall to assist students in various areas of English, such as: nouns, pronouns, elements of speech, definitions, parts of a play, parts of a story, and elements to writing papers.  She is constantly moving about her classroom, engaging with students, and rewarding them for their achievements.  Classroom rules and expectations are clearly posted on the wall and students are aware of the consequences. 

Standard III

Implements/Manages Instruction

Daily Agenda 

For each section that she teaches, Mrs. Hargett-Slack begins with simple instruction, giving definitions and examples on what she is going to teach.  She then spends several days on instruction, homework, reviews, and quizzes before testing their knowledge on the content.  She also uses a weekly Vocabulary Builder to help students gain knowledge and improve their vocabulary, along with asking many questions of the students to help them understand and learn.

Standard IV

Assesses and Communicates Learning Results



Students are given multiple quizzes, both on paper and online, to assess the understanding of the content.  Students are able to ask questions pertaining to material that they don’t understand and class discussions help them grasp the content.  Tests are then given to further assess their knowledge at the end of each section.

Standard V

Reflects/Evaluates Teaching/Learning



Mrs. Hargett-Slack spends her two planning periods each day reviewing what she has been teaching, assessing each class’s skill level, reviewing the learning styles of each student, and modifying lesson plans to meet the needs of her students.

Standard VI

Collaborates with Colleagues/Parents


With Special

Ed. Teachers 

Mrs. Hargett-Slack collaborates with two special education teachers, Mrs. Darlene Lamb and Ms. Dedra Croslin, to assist her with students who have IEP’s and require assistance on quizzes and/or tests.  These students may have a modified test or require a reader.  She also collaborates with other teachers, within the English department, on lesson plans and uses other avenues offered to her in order to learn new ways to teach material.

Standard VII

Engages in Professional Development

Friday PD 

Mrs. Hargett-Slack works with Mrs. Eve Meyer in the English department to evaluate the Kentucky Portfolio System and stay on top of any changes that take place from year to year.  She then leads a professional development entitled, Writing Across the Curriculum, in order to keep all faculty member informed so that they can assist students with portfolio work.

Standard VIII

Knowledge of Content

Class Discussions 

Mrs. Hargett-Slack demonstrates content knowledge in English by being able to answer student questions, explaining the different concepts of the English language, discussing proper English, and how English will factor into every area of their life. 

Standard IX

Demonstrates Implementation of Technology





Mrs. Hargett-Slack is constantly using technology in her classroom.  She uses her computer, which is hooked up to the overhead projector, to have the day’s agenda displaying on the screen as each class enters.  She also uses the airliner, as she moves about the room interacting with her students, to present PowerPoint presentations and/or worksheets, marking correct answers, making notes, and filling in charts with a variety of colors.  To have this technology in the classroom for all students to view, makes teaching much easier and gives the students something to look at, instead of just hearing the teacher lecture.

Standard X

Provides Leadership within School/Community/Profession

SBDM/English Dept. Head 

Mrs. Hargett-Slack demonstrates professional leadership by serving on various committees within the school, attending PD’s to enhance her content knowledge, leading PD’s within the school, and continuing her own education in order to stay on top of any changes.  She is active within the community, provides assistance with and attends extra-curricular activities, and gives assistance to students through ESS services by coming in early and staying late to work with students who need extra help.